our house is a very, very, very nice house

Boz and I just bought our very first house. It's in a town called Dripping Springs which is about 20 miles west of downtown Austin. We are SO excited and I'll post pictures after we're settled. While I am really looking forward to 3pm tomorrow (when it's all legal and legit!), I also feel that little heart-tug tonight which accompanies all types of change. I have a really...REALLY...vivid memory of walking into this (<now 'our') condo for the first time. We were on maybe our 2nd or 3rd date (in 2006) and Boz invited me in for a glass of wine before I headed home after dinner downtown. I walked in and all the lights were off...he flipped them on...and I thought "this place is 17,000 times nicer than my apartment." :) I remember having our first kiss on the couch...which is still sitting in the same place in which it was that evening.

This morning I thought back to my time in the condo during my little stint in Austin before I drove Pancho to California in 2014. I so clearly remember going for a run one evening...then walking back into the condo...and thinking, "Holy SH*T. I'm finally going to MARRY him!!!!"

I really want the condo to sell, but gosh, you know? 

Our new house is perfect and I knew it was our house the second I walked inside. I'm so excited to have a fresh start...together...in a place which holds no memories other than the two of us. It's another beginning! I so loved our first beginning but I'm 100% certain I'm going to love this one more. 

There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it. - Charles Dudley Warner (<a buddy of Mark Twain!)

We are over-the-moon, all in, and completely delighted. To everyone who has expressed their excitement and support, thank you so much and you're all welcome to visit!

All the feels tonight,