The Party That Wasn't

A week before Halloween, I received an email from Whole Foods advertising their upcoming holiday events. I skimmed through the message but didn’t really note the details as there were three distractingly adorable bats decorating the header. Truth be told, I glanced at the email for one second, told B we now had Halloween plans*, and began drawing my own cute bat:

I then spent the rest of the week diligently squealing “I can’t wait for the Halloween party!” Boz hid his delight behind queries such as "Are we seriously going to a costume party at a grocery store?".

Thursday rolled around and while Boz spent it in meetings, I created two ‘friendly ghost’ costumes. After discreetly answering a few important texts throughout the afternoon**, B left work a little early and we headed downtown. As we were about to enter Whole Foods, B hesitated and asked (with heavy, heavy skepticism) “Babe, where are all the other people in costume? Are you SURE this is a costume party?” We regrouped and paced the parking lot for a bit, peering in every doorway and window, trying to spot another costumed partygoer. After about 5 minutes of tolerating the adults in bedsheets suspiciously pacing the dark parking lot, it was clear that the outdoor diners were starting to grow annoyed, if not alarmed. In an effort to avoid Boz’s first (and my ‘who’s counting?’) introduction to the APD, I admitted defeat. Boz remained 10% incredulous that I hadn’t reread the email and 90% totally unfazed because after 8 years, he is more than used to my misadventures. We headed to 6th Street and did a little ghost drinking.

At the Driskell, no less J

I am aware that we look a bit more like ‘creepy killer ghosts’ than ‘friendly ghosts’. I don’t really know where I went wrong. Fortunately, Boz's hairy legs sticking out under his costume seemed to put people sufficiently at ease. We had numerous requests for joint pics.

* This isn’t as out-of-character as it seems. There is an awesome little wine bar inside the flagship (“our”) Whole Foods. Women can drink to-go cups of wine while they shop…or in this case…attend Halloween parties.

**The winner: “Hey babe. What would you estimate is the approximate distance between your eyeballs?” Boz pulled the classic "Oh, I'm so deep in thought. Let me squeeze the bridge between my nose" move while secretly taking measurements. Ever the well-rounded man.