Weekly Roundup (11.22.13)

1. We splurged on new glasses. This is the most hipster thing B has done in all 8 years of living in Austin.  

 Mr. Anti-Establishment

2. We watched about 5.5 hours of Breaking Bad on Monday night. We called it quits at 1 am only because Boz had to wake up at 4:30 am on Tuesday to leave for N. Carolina. We have TWO episodes left! If the suspense doesn’t kill me, there will be a post to follow.

3. I did a supported headstand in yoga (and will now talk about it daily for the rest of my life) AND it rained in Texas. These are equally rare events.

4. As mentioned in #2, the fun police were in N. Carolina this week so P was allowed to chew a bone on the couch.

5. We heard the saying “The monkey is in the banana patch” for the first time on Monday. We subsequently used this phrase in 75% of our conversations Tuesday-TBD. This phrase is not applicable ever very often, so we have resorted to exchanges such as:
Me: “Hey babe, what time will you be home?”
Boz: “Well, what time will the monkey be in the banana patch?”.

 I think it works.

6. I am currently obsessed with hot ginger tea.  I just slice up about 1/4 cup of fresh ginger root and let it steep (with a few drops of honey) for 15 minutes. It calms the stomach and aids digestion...and the ginger kick helps curb cravings. It's also delicious...so I'm completely addicted.

                                                     Cutest little teapot/infuser combo ever

 + One complimentary pic of our pumpkin. We cannot agree on anything appropriate to say about this...so...just...this is our pumpkin.

I'll be right here,