Weekly Roundup 12.6.13

 1. We spent last Sunday at The Natural Gardener in south Austin. Pig accompanied us and we enjoyed the afternoon examining flowers, veggies, and wild animals. We capped it off with a cold brew at Jester King Brewery and a Stanley Farmhouse Pizza. Life in Austin, indeed.

 2. We worked out (me: yoga...B: gym) on Tuesday night. I finished early and spent the spare minutes tucked into Bar Lamar, enjoying a post-workout champy. I was just chillin' at my hightop when I noticed Boz walking through the beer cooler in a nice black dress shirt tucked into blue basketball shorts, old tennis shoes, and his new black-rimmed glasses. I really should have photographed this train wreck of an outfit, but I was too busy laughing (as was he...He finds great amusement in meeting me in hipster spots dressed like a 60 year old accountant). Pictures next time...promise.

How cute is my new laptop bag?? I chose the design in the hopes that it 
will assuage my homesickness when we are knee-deep into Tokyo.

3. We are re-doing our master bath before we put the condo on the market. B texted Wednesday morning...asking me to draw a diagram of the bathroom measurements. Uhhh....

Ok...I'll just put this down as the "waist".

4. We started our Advent calendar!!

Gah! So cute, right!? We open the current date each evening.... and then read through every flap, starting with Dec. 1st. This exercise is forcing us (aka: me) to share 'dessert' as there is a piece of chocolate behind each flap. I'm absolutely awful at sharing dessert, so I feel like this is a small sample of hell. I am begrudgingly obliging to this arrangement in the hopes that this will get me out of pergatory someday. 
(Our Advent calendar manages to support both Jesus and fair trade. The proceeds are helping chocolate farmers in Africa. I find this to be the most delicious chocolate in the entire world...but that may be solely due to the fact that I am only eating a TEENY TINY MORSEL each evening. Next year...two separate calendars.)

5. At this exact moment, B is standing at a casino somewhere in Vegas, celebrating his dwindling moments of bachelorhood with a handful of his awesome friends. I happen to already love all of these people, so I hope they play safe...but I am also counting on them to bring the city to its knees. Bottoms up, boys :)

I'll be right here,