Tokyo Training Days

So much has happened over the past week that I don't even know how to begin. I have analysis paralysis. This is going to have to be a photo post or I'll never get anything down. So...let's go:

Our first day on the ground was Friday January 17th...but that day has been erased from memory as I was bloated, jet lagged, and entirely miserable. That day never lets move on to Saturday.

ready to hit the town
daytime view

We wake up to a little peek (peak? ;) at Mt Fuji every morning. Love, love, love.
We spent the first day touring the grounds of the Imperial Palace and a nearby park (Hibuya).

1st lunch in our new hometown

Our subway map. Well good. Glad we cleared that up.

...and that

Totally over it
                  SO MUCH FUN!!                         


         Tsukiji Fish Market

               Open at 6am
                                                    Breakfast. Of. Champions.

I have SO much more to say (namely about our appliances) so stay tuned for more regular updates. We're off to dinner...which we will procure by pointing at a menu and saying a quick prayer.