Sumo Weekend

Tokyo has 3 major sumo tournaments throughout the year and B and I were lucky enough to snag tickets on the final weekend of the current tourney. Tickets sell out for every match, so we were pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. Saturday morning, we headed out to the 'sumo capital' of Ryogoku and, in an effort to tackle as many cliches as possible, stopped for a quick lunch at a hole-in-the-wall noodle shop called (insert symbols).

As always, upon entering the restaurant, we were immediately stopped at the door. For various amusing reasons that I'll recount later, this happens every time I try to eat anywhere. The shop employee guided us over to a vending machine at the entrance from which, via a series of patient and accommodating gestures, he instructed us to select and pay for our meals.

The top row displays a picture of the available soups while the 2nd row is the large size selection and the 3rd row is the small size selection (Rows 4-9 weren't obviously I'll be sure to press one of those buttons if I ever find this shop again). Being American, we felt obliged to choose the large bowl...which turned out to be monstrous and the exact same price as the small size. This is either a very unique business model...OR even more reason to keep an eye on rows 4-9. (It is not entirely unlikely that I will cause an international incident over the next 12 months. B has promised repeatedly to spring me from the slammer as soon as he has time. Fortunately, in addition to 'thank you' and 'good morning', I have memorized "I'm innocent" in Japanese).

Ok...back on track: last lunch-related thing:
Japan has blown my mushroom expectations to smithereens.

Ok. Sumo. Here we go:

We arrived at the sumo arena in time to see a few rikishi (sumo wrestlers) entering the venue. As B put it, 'dudes be huge'. (just kidding, he would absolutely never say that...which is one of the reasons I'm marrying him)

Boz has put on a little weight over the past year and he keeps saying that he's at a fork in the road. He could either get back in shape or become a sumo wrestler. He had an alarmingly good time on Saturday...watching the match while enjoying ice cream, popcorn and a few beers. It appears his decision has been made.