Andy's Fish

I am currently knee-deep into a post covering snow monkeys, onsens, and temple festivities…but first I need to address the awesomeness that was last Friday night. A handful of B’s coworkers planned a ‘Welcome to Japan!’ party at the most wonderful establishment on the planet. The joint is called Andy’s Fish and its eponymous owner is a personable Englishman that has been planted in Tokyo for the past 18 years. Andy’s Fish is located underneath the train tracks, so if diners aren’t satisfied by the palpable energy of fellow patrons, they are also treated to a regular (albeit low-grade) rumbling as the building absorbs the shock of each passing train.

Andy treks out to Tsukiji Fish Market ( every single morning to procure the freshest seafood. I did not confirm this but judging from the flavor of each dish, one must assume that Andy arrives at Tsukiji in a wet suit…dives into the sea…wrestles a couple squid, a smattering of octopi, along with an army of crab…and then presents these treasures on a perfectly-arranged platter back at his restaurant. Because every evening’s offerings are acquired the preceding morning, it is necessary to place requests with Andy in advance if a specific dish is of interest. Granted, one couldn’t possible go wrong by just leaving it up to the inspired chef and sampling whatever happens to be included with the day’s haul. However, our gracious host, Nakamura-san, called Andy a few days ahead of time, informed him of our party plans, and placed a request for a transcendent platter of crab legs and claws.

 This little piece of heaven was followed up by a rainbow of sushi:

We were also treated to a delectable plate of veggies and scallops…but I was already in a food coma at that point and forgot to photograph the evidence.

We followed dinner with a plate of noodles, as always.

When in Rome...

As if dinner weren’t enough, Boz’s delightful colleagues also taught me to make my first shochu cocktail.

I love citrus-flavored alcohol. Like…love, love.

So then I drank a few of those and don’t really remember much else.

And then she lived happily ever after. The end.

SUCH a fun night with my man