Shopping Weekend...(and a ninja)

I spent some of the weekend exploring the neighboring 'hoods called Ometesando and Ginza (B and I live in Roppongi). I promised the Lady Antoinette a few pics of the, here you go:

Ometesando and Ginza are ridiculously high-end but I was pleased to see that they have managed to keep their priorities in check as evidenced by the middle clip.

side note: Before leaving Texas, B mentioned that he planned to cut down on desserts during the Asian Adventure. Alas, I discovered Tokyo's robust ice cream import business and have availed myself of this sweet surprise every single night (no exceptions). This affects B because I get far greater enjoyment out of eating dessert WITH someone (not sharing, of course...because sharing is for children...not 35 year old women with serious chocolate addictions), so B feels obligated to join me (lest I pout). For the purposes of this blog, the dessert issue will be considered one of my more pronounced personality flaws.

Anyway...I also did my grandfather proud and...
...followed the signs to Snoopy Town. It was every bit as amazing as one would hope. Good times.

I hit Ometesando alone on Friday and then Boz joined me for the Ginza shopping trip on Saturday. Yes, seriously...he willingly joined me for shopping. Here...this will explain:

Sapporo Beer Hall in Ginza

We could be in the International Space Station and Boz would somehow break out a pint and a hot pretzel.
                                                         Not surprisingly, that led to this:

Jack Daniels Barrel House
                Tokyo is full of standing-only bars. Ginza happens to have one that just serves Jack.

seriously skeptical (sticking to a Jack & Ginger)

                                   Not at all skeptical. Gentleman on the rocks                                

Costume party...because...obviously.

Sunday started with mass at our new church, The Franciscan Chapel. It's full of expats and every mass ends with a 'stand and introduce yourself' from the new arrivals and a 'stand and wave goodbye' from the people moving on to a new city. Every mass also ends with us devouring an amazing brunch, such as this brioche french toast. Tokyo doesn't do doggie bags, so we're learning to be careful when we order. On this particular morning, we ignored the doggie bag shortage and ordered 2 salmon/egg dishes AND 2 plates of french Boz had to eat a lot.

Tokyo is packed with incredible restaurants of every cuisine. I promise not to become a foodie blogger...but this french toast deserves a mention. It was like a sweet fluffy toast cloud. I am deeply in love with it.

Ok...I've saved the best for last. So sometime last week, Boz learned of a ninja restaurant and sent me the most absolutely indescribable promotional video:

Giddy excitement. Boys will be boys.

Ordering dinner from a ninja (with glasses)

This is probably THE most touristy thing we'll do this year...or ever. B loved it and they had great, win.

Peace out, folks. More tomorrow...