Suffering Veggies

The Republican Vegetables team is suffering at the moment. My time in Texas with Pancho is coming to an end, so I have spent the past few days catering to his every whim. We have hit the running trail and greenbelt each day and, as I type this, he is gnawing on a raw beef bone at the foot of the bed. Boz would be horrified by this scene. There are little bone particles and stringy pieces of tendon all over the blanket. It is definitely gross, but Pancho is simply over the moon... and I know how to work the washing machine. 

I am, once again, utterly depressed over our looming separation, so I am unable to tear myself away from him long enough to get anything accomplished. I had a cold leftover eggroll and a diet gingerale for breakfast while we walked to the dog park. I'm guessing my version of a pre-wedding diet is not included in the Vogue Bridal issue. I am too depressed (and melodramatic) to care. 

Boz, meanwhile, does not seem to be relishing his alone time in Asia. I received an email from him yesterday morning: "Hey babe. What's happening in Tokyo this weekend? What should I do?" I have always (happily) been in charge of all our weekend plans and I mistakenly assumed that I would be off-duty while I was back in the States. Ever the improviser, B solved his idle-time dilemma by drinking German beer and sleeping til noon. 

wait a second...
He's drinking beer and sleeping in. He is TOTALLY relishing his alone time! He's just TELLING me that he's miserable. Well played, my love, well played.

I did attempt to establish a last-minute plan for him from afar, but the only 2 events I could find were an art show and a literary crawl. These were not viable options as Boz and Stevie Wonder share a similar affinity for art, and I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that 'literary' doesn't refer to (I've never actually been to a literary crawl. Drinking and reading? I now have a fanciful term for my nightly activities. From now on, whenever Boz tries to get me to watch his TV shows, I'm going to explain that I'm on my literary crawl...with stops on the couch and the bed.)

That's all I have for now. I plan to spend the evening wrapped tightly around the dog, finishing a post on Mt Takao. Mt Takao is a delightfully scenic day-trip destination outside of Tokyo that B and I had the pleasure of hiking a few weekends ago. Sound riveting? Don't worry...the details are amusing.