8:00 am Tuesday morning:
Boz: Whatcha up to today, babe?
Me:  I'm going to run out to get soap and coffee and then I'm going to come home and blog about this past weekend's hanami (cherry blossom) adventures!

4:30 pm Tuesday afternoon:
I return home with the following...

1. envelopes
2. cute bags with tree decorations
3. funny monster bath mitt
4. strawberry cookies
5. raisins
6. stationery that reads "This is a story about a bear."
7. little blue 'stands' that are supposed to hold papers in an upright display position (but have since been deemed useless pieces of crap)
8. a bandana with a yet-to-be-deciphered logo (I am incapable of saying 'no'. I bought this bandana simply b/c another patron of the Yoyogi Park gift shop held it out to me. This could turn into a real problem some day.)
9. a cherry blossom-themed bandana (aka the only bandana I actually wanted to purchase)
10. an eyelash curler (b/c every single Japanese woman curls her eyelashes and I'm a follower)
11. 5 packs of origami paper (I'll just youtube how to fold it up. Surely I can master this ancient art after watching a 2-minute video.)
12. a cutting mat (for when I use new cutting blade)
13. construction paper
14. shapes
15. double-sided tape
16. cutting blade
17. bandaids (if history is any indication, my pending arts-and-crafts project will involve minor bloodshed)

No soap. No coffee. Fortunately the eyelash curler works well and batting my lashes never fails with Boz.

Peace folks.