Boz's iPhone

Over the past year or so, Boz has blossomed into quite the enthusiastic photographer. He has also learned that if he would like me to be in any of his pictures, he needs to take at least 20 shots as I will reject the first 17 for reasons undetectable to the human eye. Needless to say, his iPhone is FULL of pictures. I have requested these pics so many times as I hope to post them on RV...however, being a man, he is incapable of multitasking and simply cannot find the time to download pictures while there are unread WSJ articles floating around in the universe. I took matters into my own hands last weekend and downloaded his entire camera reel onto my computer.

And I was immediately reminded of the fact that I am with a very good, very

There are approximately 100 pictures of me that I didn't realize he shot (and/or saved) and that so perfectly capture some of our more entertaining moments:

Trying to seem like a local at the farmers market. Buying food at a supermarket is difficult.
Buying food at a farmers market is nearly impossible.

We're trying to learn how to take selfies. How do people do this!??

This makes me laugh out loud. This was after a day of hiking. There is no way I understood anything in that paper. I'm just desperate for tangible reading I'll settle for advertisements.

And this, of course, made my heart explode. 

So we have the sentimental portion of Boz's iPhone. And then we have this...

These are the 2 best shots ever taken of the Tokyo Tower. These are also evidence of the fact that I have things to learn about Boz.

These shots are incredible. The Tokyo Tower is an observation/communication thingy-ma-bob near our building (inspired by the Eiffel Tower...but much It is frequently photographed. I am proud to announce that I am in possession of two of it's finest portayals. 

(To be honest, this 20% creeps me out. I didn't know Boz could do this. I'm 80% totally impressed. 20% creeped. Who IS this dude??)

But then we have this priceless gem...
1. "the White day"? No. I Not in any country.
2. "a feeling"? And just like that...chastity belts are a 'thing' again.
3. "the day is a day". In which Google Translate fails us all.

And lastly, I found this:
I'm not even gonna bother...
Enjoy your day, amigos.  The Veggies' first visitors arrive on Friday. I'm pumped beyond all reason. I'm so excited to sit across the dinner table from good friends and conjugate verbs without destroying all chance of communication. Life is good.