The Quakes

Boz and I have experienced several earthquakes over the past 4 months. The first (fairly small) one went down around 8am on a Saturday. I rolled over and complained, "I think the window washers are rocking the building. Ugh". Boz (wisely) marveled over my logic-defying snap assessment in complete silence and let the internet set me straight later in the day.

Since that first experience, we've had two relatively significant rumbles and I've wondered each time "Perhaps we should discuss a Vegetable safety plan?". Most families in Tokyo have a safety plan in place so  they'll know how to find each other in the event of a sizeable quake. In reality, the Veggies don't need a plan because B already knows he would find me wrapped around the giant bowl of chocolates in our lobby (or, if the T-Cube were to fall, wrapped around the chocolate bowl amidst the rubble).

I am aware that future visitors to Asia may appreciate a more detailed plan, so I will share last weekend's serendipitous discovery:

                                               A ready-made, 3-step earthquake plan.

It is noteworthy that this was posted in a park. Perhaps the sole purpose of Step 1 is to get people's confidence up. Anyone reading will already be outside, so they'll easily be able to avoid rushing. Cool.

Step 2 is a little shady. Wouldn't an earthquake-induced fire be pretty fierce? Like...Backdraft-level fierce? I don't feel like this is a task that can be universally assigned to all readers. I, for one, am not handling the fire. I get 15% panicked immediately after lighting a match. There really needs to be an alternate Step 2.

And Step 3 just seems premature. I am not certain of much...but I do know that if a massive quake rocks this city, I do will a hell of lot of things in between sitting idly in the park and helping my neighbors. This needs to be like Step 48. Step 3 should obviously be 'Run back inside and rescue your high heels'. Step 4 ...quickly check Facebook. Step 5...chug a glass of wine. And so on...

So, it needs a little work, but if you are planning to come visit us, you now have the skeleton of a readiness plan. I trust this post put your mind at ease.