Cooking Classes

Shortly after we arrived in Tokyo, I found a cooking school located relatively close to the Cube and registered for a Sunday afternoon udon class. It was love at first sight. The instructors were enthusiastic and entertaining, the lessons were easy to follow (there was a translator), and the final dishes were all delicious. After class, while the other students sat around their cooking pods eating the results of their hard work, I packed all my creations into Tupperware (...which is essentially the equivalent of tossing them in the trash over here. Japan doesn't believe in leftovers because it is common practice to eat only freshly-prepared food.) With those few quick scoops, I solidified my place as the rogue American chef who takes everything home to her husband. I have yet to determine if this is seen as a positive or negative identity. Ah, well...whatever. Boz was thrilled with the haul and encouraged me to pursue all avenues to further develop my Japanese cooking skills. I took this literally and found a private instructor.

(Boz is never home during the week. Japanese business hours leave something to be desired...namely, better hours. However, we've managed to put a positive spin on the situation by creating a veritable free-for-all when it comes to my hobbies. As long as I don't take up buying Celine bags as a hobby, Boz is fully supportive.)

So, now I attend cooking class at the home of an ex-chef who is currently working on her second cookbook. She's delightful and I will most certainly slip into depression when it is time to say goodbye. In the meantime, I am soaking up her knowledge and then spending my evenings creating authentic Japanese dinners. My instructor and I shop together for ingredients after class and then label them with Post-It notes. (3M. Represent!) I have a cupboard full of oils and seasonings proudly displaying their English translation on a Post-It. 

As mentioned in the previous RV post, I am going to start sharing some of these newfound ingredients, recipes, and cooking methods with y'all. Shoot me a note anytime with any questions or problems that arise.

                                          And here are just a few pics to get you motivated: