Foreign Affairs

It's been a while since we've had a Foreign Affairs post. So much for posting every Saturday morning ;) We'll just go ahead and store that goal right next to "learn to sew" and "stretch every day...or ever". Not gonna happen. However, I have a stockpile of pictures that aren't really going to fit into any other post and don't qualify as a Puzzle Piece, so it's time for a dose of Foreign Affairs. Let's get to it.

1. Queuing

 This is the line outside Mercer, the restaurant where Boz and I eat french toast after mass on Sundays. Needless to say, when it comes to queuing, Japanese and Americans exhibit disparate reactions. Japanese people rightfully assume that the line in question must surely lead to a culinary pot of gold and therefore readily accept a 2-hour wait. Boz and I, however, have taken to attending 8am mass solely to enable our  arrival at Mercer as the doors open (and before any line has formed). Boz doesn't crave anything like I crave there was one Sunday when he suggested attending a later mass and just skipping french toast. If I recall correctly, I bit him.

2. Restaurant bins

These little bins (they're not normally pink) are found next to every table in just about every restaurant. Women put their purses in the bins so that they don't touch the floor. I'm working on convincing B that I need a bag that warrants a protective bin. Let's just say that I haven't even left "Go" at this point. I have 6 months left. The clock is ticking. 

                                                              here's what I'm thinking:
I do not need this AT ALL, but are you kidding me? I could eat this bag, it's so cute. I want to live inside this precious creation...much like the Smurfs lived inside their equally-adorable mushroom houses. ( just jumped off the deep end. If you're still reading, well...hi Mom!)

3. I am one frugal chick
Pam costs around $22 in Japan. Pam. in the non-stick spray that isn't even a food.
The price of imported goods has extremely little influence on my purchasing decisions, but I like to point out  the fact that I do not buy Pam so that Mr. Vegetable remembers that, at times, I do save us money.

4. Japan decorates everything

 This bus is awesome.

5. Omelet rice
This is omelet rice. There is a pile of seasoned rice underneath the egg...and it's all topped with ketchup.This is the Japanese equivalent of a greasy, Saturday morning, hangover-cure pile of chilaquiles. I'm addicted to omelet rice and working on mastering my own rendition. The recipe will be up on the Oishii! page as soon as it's ready. 
6. Snoopy

Peanuts is huge in Tokyo. B and I see Snoopy and friends EVERYWHERE. Our condo is already overrun by cartoon characters...and I've only just begun :) :)

7. Teamwork

Boz and I are one month out from our 33-mile Fuji climb, so we spend our weekends hiking 25-30 miles (more on that later, I promise. I originally claimed it would be a 25-mile climb. I was wrong. It's 33. Epic craziness. I am giddy with excitement.) As we were nearing the end of one of these torture sessions hikes, we happened upon this sweet scene. I love it. Gives me goosebumps. I saw this on a Sunday night and it just made me reeeeeeaaaaally miss my sister...which is a reeeeaaaally great thing, in my opinion :) It just takes two, you know? 

That's all I got, folks. We have another recipe coming up tomorrow...along with a guest blogger later this week. As always, thanks for reading..and GO USA!!!

...although, to be honest, I fell madly in love with the entire Ghanaian soccer team. What the hell. Super hot. Not as hot as my man...but still. Soccer is my new fave.