While riding on the train to insert-forgotten-destination with Soup & Anne, Boz noticed an advertisement for an upcoming Oktoberfest celebration in Hibiya Park. B and I do crossfit in Hibiya Park after our 3-mile runs around the Imperial Palace, so we were pumped to hear that it was hosting a festival. After recovering from our ridiculously early fish auction adventure, the four of us headed over to Hibiya to observe the celebration. We arrived at the park around 5:30 pm under the assumption things would just be kicking off as Oktoberfest was scheduled to run from 5-10 pm. Here's the scene that greeted us:

 The place was PACKED, the band -comin' straight outta Deutschland (Ice Cube voice), decked out in lederhosen and with a lead accordion- was jammin' some old school rock 'n' roll, and the crowd was rowdy. Hibiya Park was crazy party* (...this post has a footnote. Get excited.) and it was still daylight.

                          Boz and I kicked things off by quickly posing for the world's worst picture:
There's simply no excuse for this. The Vegetables apologize.

                                                          And then we all dove in headfirst:
Serious beers. Serious pretzel.

As always, the ladies were teetering around in their high heels.
I am conveniently lacking any pictures of myself at Oktoberfest. I happened to be sporting knee-high black boots with 4" heels on this particular evening. But, since there are no pictures, I will continue to poke  good-natured, hypocritical, fun at my countrywomen for their questionable footwear choices.

We tossed around the idea of having a few hot dogs for dinner but reconsidered after discovering the alarming weiner-to-bun ratio at Japanese Oktoberfests.
And then a congo line of party people went dancing by and every single member gave Boz a 'kanpai!!'

And I now know the one thing that can successfully get B's attention while he's eating: a 40-member-strong Japanese congo line. To think...all this time, I've been trying "Hey babe, can you listen for a sec?" Psht. I was WAY off.

We spent the rest of the evening drinking beer, people watching, and enjoying the festive energy. I took an exorbitant number of pictures...none of which mean anything to me now because they're all of strangers dancing in the dark (a common Oktoberfesting hazard, I suppose)..but I'll share one of the keepers:

I took these shots over the course of an entire song.

If you were at our wedding, you know that B and I have absolutely no right to criticize anyone's dancing.  I will merely point out the fact that this man is wearing a menu as a hat and has deemed 4 marginally different arm positions 'dancing'. He was completely unselfconscious and rocked out like this all night long (in between many trips to the bar).
Be still my heart.

*B and I went on an outing with the Tokyo Snow Club a few weeks ago and one of the group leaders (an Aussie) used the word 'party' as an adjective. Specifically, he used it to refer to a winery...as in 'It gets pretty party up there'. I love it and am adopting it. So, loyal readers, what would heretofore have been described as wild/crazy/fun/etc will now sometimes just be 'party'. It's not a typo. It's a new adjective.