Tofu-dressed Spinach


1 pack (320g) hard tofu

  (It should look like it has a little grid stamped onto the surface. It shouldn't be smooth.)

1 bunch (250g ) of spinach

2 Tbsp white sesame paste (it comes in a tube)

2 Tbsp sugar

2 tsp light soy sauce

2 tsp miso

salt (to taste)


1. Wrap the tofu in a piece of paper towel and squeeze it (to drain the water)

2. If you bought spinach with the roots still intact, chop off the roots (just 1/4 inch) and eat them. Seriously. They won't be tasty, but they hold a TON of nutrients.

3. Separate the spinach stems and leaves. Cut everything into 3 cm-long segments. (If you bought spinach leaves in a bag, just chop them all in half.)

4. Blanch the stems in boiling water and then add the leaves for just a second.

5. Drain the spinach and soak in ice water to stop the cooking process

6. Squeeze your spinach to get rid of as much water as possible and set aside

7. Mix the sesame paste, sugar, soy sauce, and miso in a bowl. Add the tofu and mix well. Toss the spinach into the tofu dressing.

8. Add salt and extra seasoning/toppings (eg. toasted sesame seeds, red chile pepper flakes, etc) as desired

Sesame paste

Try to find this color of miso. The color of the  miso greatly affects its taste.

Email me or comment on RV if you have any questions! This dish is so delicious and nutritious. It makes the perfect side to any meat entree.