Vegetable Administration is experiencing some growing pains this month. We need to have an administrative meeting to address a few action items, including:
1. Blog topics
2. Blog pages
3. Things that don't involve Japan

I hate meetings so lets just get this over with.

#1. Blog Topics
A bunch of y'all have emailed me to inquire about my cooking classes, which I assume you discovered via FB or Instagram. Speaking of social media...if I were to create a Veggie facebook/instagram page, would you follow RV? I don't want to start posting under RV if we won't have any friends. (What an odd thing to type. Won't someone please be friends with the Veggies!?!) If you'll follow a RV page, it would be super cool and much appreciated. Lemme know. We're already off topic. This is going precisely as I envisioned. some of you guys are interested in Japanese ingredients, recipes, and grocery shopping. This is excellent news as I have already attended a bunch of both group and private cooking classes and explored just about every grocery store within a 10 mile radius of the Cube. Boz is loving the home-cooked meals and I'm enjoying the challenge. I must admit that I also accidentally 'poisoned' B twice, but I think I've straightened out that problem so you should be safe with all my recipes. (He was only sick for a few hours each time. Oddly, I ate the same meals and was completely fine. I have learned to be more careful, lest I find myself appearing incredibly suspicious in a court of law.)

I am going to start posting pictures and recipes of all my Japanese cooking and grocery shopping adventures. I will do my best to post clear instructions but feel free to email (or, preferably, comment on the RV site) if you have any questions. I'll google the answers for you.

#2. Blog Pages
I also realize that some of y'all will never have the slightest interest in Japanese cooking and simply visit RV to 'read about our adventures' (aka: pass some time). I get it. I wouldn't have read a Japanese cooking blog pre-January (although I'm now obsessed with them). I really wish there were a way to post on multiple pages under Blogger, but all my other pages are static. There is no way around this. My best solution is to post my cooking information on this home page but link it to a cooking page. If you are a not-interested-in-cooking-reader (a NIIC, if you will), feel free to just skip over these posts. However, if you are interested in this topic, you can head over to the cooking page, click on a link, and it will take you to the appropriate post. This will be clear when you try it. Go ahead...try it! You can do it! (Actually, don't try it until tomorrow...when I'll actually have a recipe posted.) The cooking page is called 'Oishii' which means 'delicious' in Japanese. (Not at all clever, but hell...setting up the page was pain-in-the-*ss enough. I had nothing left when it came time for the title. I almost labeled it "Food".)

#3. Things I May Mention That Have Nothing To Do With Japan
When I first started the Veggie site, I was writing for a few small publications in Austin and just looking to diversify my writing portfolio. I intended to write a post each week on topics loosely related to Vegetable life. I trust I don't have to tell you how that turned out. I have yet to post on anything but Japan, Boz, or myself. I'm at a crossroads. (Yes, it's a self-imposed crossroads. I have a tradition of putting imaginary pressure on myself until I break down and Boz has to rein me back to reality. But I'm sure he enjoys that.) At this point, I can either throw in the towel and just continue to post about our family and our adventures...OR, I can regularly deliver posts on other topics of interest. I am choosing the latter option...but I have no way of gauging what constitutes 'topics of interest' to anyone but myself. So, the tone and content of RV will continue to be 'ironically self-deprecating narcissism with attention to animal-related welfare issues and super cute shoes". I see big things in my future. Huge. As always, thanks for reading.