Puzzle Piece: Baseball...again

If you follow the Veggies on Instagram, you know we spend a questionable amount of time cheering for the Swallows.

Aside from the game itself, there are a few aspects of game day over here that just always entertain.
                                                                 Here are a few:

It is disgustingly humid in Tokyo right now. This gal is showing classic Swallows fan hard-core dedication. 
Bottoms up, my friend.

It's always time for noodles.

Fun snacks outside the gate.

Tsubakurous and Tsubami watching the fireworks.

As you may recall from this post, the 2 main Swallows mascots, Tsubakurous and Tsubami are supposed to be brother and sister. And yet...somehow...we now have 2 baby swallows. 
I'll just leave you with that...

The Swallows are having a really rough season. We're dead last.