Camping. Part 1.

The Vegetables have a pop-up camper named Captain Stackhat. We bought him in January 2013...took him to a bunch of state parks throughout 2013...and then abandoned him in a storage facility for a year without a second thought. We checked in on him during our first weekend back in Austin and, after much groveling, he has forgiven us and agreed to take us to Lost Maples State Park April 3rd-5th. We absolutely love spending weekends in Stack...just the three of us (the 3rd being Pancho, not Stackhat...because it would be weird if I were to consider him a family member), exploring the woods, building fires and...other stuff. (This was all pre-marriage. Now the weekends will consist of exploring the woods, building fires, and me falling asleep at 9:30pm in my flannel moose pants. Hotness.) Anyway, we bought Stack immediately following the second tent-camping trip I arranged for Boz. B didn't grow up tent camping so he entrusted me with ALL the arrangements (plus I had all the equipment) and just came along for the ride. The first evening was a blast, but I woke up the following morning to Boz whispering, "Babe, is it supposed to be so wet in here??? I'm lying in puddles!". I hadn't weather-proofed my tent in...ever...and, of course, that night it rained lightly for about 5 hours despite the fact it hadn't rained in Texas in two the inside of the tent was WELL-hydrated.

I could sleep soundly on the ground, without cover, through a military coup, so I was entirely unfazed by this. However, I completely understand the standard parameters for human comfort and was therefore totally on-board with the pop-up camper suggestion the following weekend.

Boz and I shopped for and bought Stack (and booked our first outing) all in one Saturday and we have been enjoying pop-up camper adventures ever since. That all being said, the second B goes out of town on a work trip, I break out my tent (I have a new, weather-proofed tent these days!), pack a bottle of wine and enough food to sustain a baby ground squirrel, and head to the woods with Pancho. (I always pack the Pig MUCH more food than he needs though. I will never be too lazy to provide for my mutt.) I love these weekends alone in the woods and I love the simplicity of just popping up my tent somewhere deep in the forest, heading out for a day of hiking, and then reading in my sleeping bag with my little collapsible lantern late into the night.

*note: Boz will read this, so I feel inclined to point out that although I do (and always will) cherish my solo (+ Pig) tent-camping adventures, there is also MUCH to be said for camping in Stack w/ B. (namely, the guarantee of food and the absence of the possibility of violent attacks. Both good things, indeed.) Also, to all the Texans that will read this: Yes, I have considered getting my concealed license. I fully intend to do that as soon as I'm in the mood to be insanely bored for 8 straight hours. Those classes are a torture-fest of boredom. Plus I feel pretty confident in my self-defense-via-throat-stabbing-with-my-car-key move. It's not like I'm unprepared.

Anyway...this is a two-part post because I feel the need to tell you about a Texas treasure recently discovered by the Vegetables. It's the perfect mix of pop-up camping and tent-camping and I wish I could spend the rest of my life there. Boz laughs every time I say that because he knows I would die on
maybe the 4th or 5th day when I realized I was a good 7 hours away from the closest Whole Foods. But still...this place rocks on every level and I will tell you all about it...tomorrow.

Peace in the Middle East,