Marfa, TX

Boz and I spent our 1st anniversary in New Orleans and I really want to write a post on that awesome weekend but I teased (forever ago) about the ideal getaway in Texas (Marfa!). I feel obligated to cover that experience before I wax nostalgic about my favorite city on earth (New Orleans is THE best).  Also, I suppose it would be nice to have a little journal entry on the Marfa weekend since it really was amazingX10.

(But, in all honesty, I really don't want to write about this so it's going to be quick. Pay close attention.)

After scooping Pancho in southern Cali over New Years, Boz and I drove back to Texas. It was horrible, as any road trip over 30 miles is bound to be, but it did include one afternoon and night in the eclectic, tiny artistic town of Marfa, TX. Boz and I talked about hitting Marfa for years but, for some reason, were deterred by the drive. We needed it to be forced upon us and it just so happened to be pretty much on our route home from California.

We pulled into Marfa around noon on a Sunday and immediately checked into our Airstream :)

We then hit the 'town'...which consists of maybe 7 restaurants (3 of which were actually in business), a beautiful courthouse, a few art galleries and bookshops, and an awesome hillbilly bar. We did the responsible thing and walked around the courthouse, toured the art galleries and bought a few local books...and then hit the bar. We sat on the outdoor swings and Boz (being the good Texan of the family) drank a Lonestar...while I drank a Coors Light. I'm ten years deep into Texas and Lonestar still makes me gag. Boz and my hatred for Lonestar will be the two lasting things I take from Texas if we ever roll outta here for good.

Hell yes.

Anyway...we sat on the swings enjoying our beers and reminiscing about 2014. It felt so incredibly comforting to be back on Texas soil, chilling with Pancho and anticipating our re-entry. (This was before I knew how hard post-expat depression could hit. I was still optimistic at this stage.) We left the bar after an hour, stopped by the organic grocer for late-night snacks, and headed into town to the one and only open restaurant for dinner.

We spent the rest of the evening hanging in our Airstream, playing games and enjoying a dessert of wine and cheese. Boz woke up early Monday morning for a conference call (rough transition if there ever were one) while I jumped into the outdoor shower. In an effort to procrastinate leaving, I begged for an (easily granted) hike around the campsite...which turned into a morning chat with our lesbian camp neighbors (from Canada!!! My very fave!) and a random solo dude who creeped me out from the get-go. We then packed up, stopped by a Tex-Mex dive for our first breakfast tacos of the year...and hit the road to Austin.

It was a super quick trip...which we definitely plan on extending in the near future. If y'all drive through west Texas, Marfa is a must-see.

This post is terrible so let's just call it a day and look at some pics:

Oh sweet baby boy
Lonestar. Represent.

We got chased by a turkey on our way to dinner!
(so..for like everyone other than my Dad : this is what a live turkey looks like!)

I fell in love with the linens.
This exorbitantly-priced (but locally made!!!) comforter was on sale in the office.
Boz deemed it excessive.
You know what I deem excessive?  A 1,400 mile car ride.

Outdoor shower!

A book, a Topo Chico and some front porch sittin' in west Texas.
It simply doesn't get better than that.

Come ON. A Chemex!!! (with coffee from an Austin shop). Sigh :)

I mean...hotness.

Straight chillin'.

ps. We took a lot of pictures of the town square but their whereabouts are a mystery at the moment. (We've gone through a lot of cell phones over the past few months.)

pps. Boz LOVED every second of the road trip. Boz's ideal retirement plan centers around driving all over the U.S. in a RV. I'm totally on board under the condition we never drive further than 30 miles in one day.