F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby holds a special place in my heart. It was the first classic that absolutely captivated me (in middle school) and I have since read it approximately 20 times. Interesting factoid: Boz has definitely never...and will never...read Gatsby. This is only interesting because my life's goal is to turn him into either Jay Gatsby (with a few noteable personality/fatality exceptions) or Mr. Big from Sex and the City. Square one was much, much closer to Big...and Gatsby is a bit of a stretch...but, fortunately, time is on my side. Stay tuned over the next 40 years for updates.

Anyway, I recently came across an article written by F. Scott Fitzgerald (<Boz, Fitzgerald is the author of Gatsby.) for his daughter, Scottie.  I love and appreciate all insights into the minds of brilliant writers, so this article really excited me. Here ya go:


After reading this absolute piece-o-perfection, how can anyone resist making a current-day list??? Impossible, right!? Let's indulge!


Things to worry about:
Worry about courage. (< and, if they are well-considered, take ALL the risks!)
Worry about authenticity.
Worry about loyalty.
Worry about dependability. (<this will be difficult and seemingly impossible at times...but just try.)
Worry about empathy.
Worry about loving completely (your family and your friends.)
And definitely worry about horsemanship. And then just go ahead and worry about horses in general.

Things not to worry about:
Don't worry about conforming.
Don't worry about mistakes.
Don't worry about time (utilized or wasted).
Don't worry about your 20s (or, for that matter, the better parts of ages 30 and 31).
Don't worry about money (miraculously, God does provide when you least expect it.)
Don't worry about happiness.
Don't worry about disappointment. (<disappointment will undoubtedly go hand-in-hand with happiness. It's just the way things roll.)
Don't worry about losing contact with people. (<it won't happen...permanently...with those who matter most.)
Don't worry about social media.
Don't worry about fashion or your hair (<but be forewarned: the hair thing will be seemingly impossible up until age 37...at the very earliest.)

Things to think about:
1. Scholarship (Fitzgerald is indeed a genius. No need to mess with perfection.)
2. Full utilization of your God-given talents.
3. Engagement in fulfilling work. (ie, Do your daily activities fulfill you enough to take away the need to weigh/compare/challenge yourself against anyone/anything else?)
4. Transparency (ie. If tomorrow were your last day, would everyone know what you wanted them to know?)
5. Kisses (ie. Have you really kissed your dog enough today??)

Postscript notes:
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2. I have yet to hire a web-techie person to help me with spam/comments/blah blah blah...so I know commenting on RV has, at (most) times, been a nightmare...but if you want to add any personal notes, I promise to find a way to publish them. (Or, as always, feel free to just email me. Y'all know I'll respond.)



or...as my mother-in-law just christened me (today): Ab-boz. (insert cartoon hearts fluttering overheard) Cutest new nickname ever!? As y'all probably know...Matt is Boz...Adam (the brotherman) is A-Boz...and now I am Ab-boz. Aaaaaand...I just got choked-up typing that. There is simply no hope for me ;)

...sentimental to the core.